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Training Plansusing Training Peaks 
Together we will develop a plan for your season that will meet your goals and work within your lifestyle. I will guide you through the process and will consult on the equipment that is right for you.

 Swim Coaching, Pool & Openwater
Swimming can be a daunting task whether it be in a pool or ocean.  With over 20 years of swimming training experience, I have developed techniques that have improved the efficiency of many swimmers.  I am able to do this in a calm, relaxed approach whether it be in the pool or ocean. 

Stroke Analysis
With the use of the Underwater Coach Cam I will  have a different perspective to analyis for an improved and efficient stroke

 Bike coaching
I find many  people new to cycling lack the confidence and comfort on the bike that make them a danger to themselves and people around them.

In my lesson I work on the basics​

clipping in and out of pedals safetly, Balance, looking over your shoulder to see cars, hold a straight line, taking a drink from a water bottle, turning correctly,  emergency stopping.



Triathlon Training Plans: $150 per/month
Single Sport Training Plans: $100 per/month

    Private Per Session: $80
    10 Private Sessions: $750
    Additional swimmer: $25 per session

Under water video analysis additional: $25

Ocean Swimming
    Private Sessions: $100
    Additional Swimmers: $20


Pool Locations
Newport/Irvine/Nellie Gail